My passion for sewing started at an early age when making matching outfits for mother and daughter was the done thing! The sewing machine we used was temperamental but despite this I was hooked!

On visits to my grandparents I would also watch my granny hand sewing little bags with zips or altering her clothes. The possibilities of this new hobby seemed endless. You could also save a fortune and I was so pleased with my creations…

What I loved about sewing and still do, is being able to make something that is exactly what I want and it is well-finished enough so it looks as though I have bought it. It certainly doesn’t have to be expensive either, in fact the thriftier the better!

Over the years I have been on various courses and workshops to learn more about sewing (and in particular more recently about soft furnishings) and I even got myself a job for a year in the Fabric Department at Liberty in London which was really rather special! I eventually became a teacher myself (English as a Foreign Language) which I loved; I now know how I would want to be taught and how not to teach!

For the past six years or so I have been making soft furnishings in the room at the bottom of the garden, firstly for family, then friends and then others, all with the ultimate aim of setting up sewing workshops.

And so my dream job is now a reality: all my experience has come together so I can teach people my passion for fabrics, colour, sewing and soft furnishings.

The satisfaction I get and can give my students is immense; now I am giving people the skills and the confidence to make beautiful cushions for their home or for their friends; teaching them how to calculate and cut for beautifully hand-finished curtains and blinds… and all in the fabric they love!

These sewing workshops are the making-time for you and your home – so what will you come and learn?



I run a variety of workshops for all abilities.

So have a look through and get in touch to sort out dates and times.


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