This is my ‘tried and tested’ super-successful new way of giving presents. In the run-up to Christmas I made a whole load of these drawstring bags, in different sizes (small, medium and large) according to the presents I was giving. I had bought various pieces of christmas fabric either as Fat Quarters (50cm x 50cm squares you can buy ready-cut for quilting with) or 1m lengths in the January Sales and had kept them stashed away to be made into bags at some point. In about November, I also ended up buying more fat quarters and christmas fabric as I got hooked on the whole idea and wanted to make LOADS of bags! Finally, Christmas 2019 was the test of my new way of wrapping.
I am pleased to say that the result was sooo good: everyone was happy opening their bag and delving in to find their present; no rustling of paper, but a surprise element in having to delve!
The only problem I encountered was friends or family wanting to keep the bag as they loved them so much – since that time I have made clear that the bag (like any wrapping paper) is not something you keep! This might sound a bit harsh and of course you can let anyone keep their bag, but you will end up making more and more all the time!
There are still fabric sales online of fat quarters and more of christmas fabric so now is the time to buy and make the bags later at your leisure.

I have been so pleased with the result of using these bags; another massive bonus with them is that wrapping takes about 30 seconds now!

In view of trying to change the way we live to a more sustainable way, I am giving away FREE full instructions on how to make your own drawstring bags. It’s time we all had a go at radical changes. If you would like to receive your free copy, please contact me via email at [email protected] and I will send you the attachment. If you would like to come and learn how to make one in a workshop, ask to be added to my mailing list and you will be the first to hear of new dates over the next few months where you can learn to make them with me.